What is Remarketing?

Staying top of your target market’s mind is a powerful way to increase sales.
Brand awareness is not always an easy task in the online space where there can be a lot of noise. But, there is a way.
Remarketing is a powerful online marketing technique which allows you to stay connected with your target audience, even after they leave your site. As a leading remarketing agency in the UK, AIM Internet can help you. 

It improves sales conversions and raises your brand profile. It’s a way of showing adverts to people who have visited your website but who didn’t complete a desired action. That action may have been making a sale or submitting an enquiry form, for example.

Instead they disappeared off into the internet ether, potentially never to be seen again.

Or at least that used to be the case. Remarketing allows you to market to those people again.

Smart, yes? What company wouldn’t want to be able to reconnect easily with their website visitors. After all, they came to your site because there was something of interest to them. They are the “i’ll have a P please Bob” which every company wants… prospects!

Remarketing can seem a little creepy to some, but it’s an effective way of advertising online. It works by websites using a piece of code, a cookie, to track visitor actions.

Ever been on one site, left it and then noticed an advert on a different website for the one you were on earlier? That’s a type of remarketing in action.

As part of your whole digital marketing plan of action, it’s a very important strategic step. It can help you drive sales activity, increase registrations or promote awareness of your brand, making it a worthwhile component of your advertising.

You may also hear remarketing referred to as retargeting.

In a Nutshell, Here’s How Remarketing Works:

  • You get traffic (visitors) to your website
  • Visitor leaves
  • Visitor goes to other websites and sees an advert for your product or service
  • Visitor returns to your website

Your remarketing adverts get placed on a network of websites and social media sites.

Google Adwords, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & YouTube are examples of places where you might see them.

If they haven’t turned off cookies, past visitors to your website will see your adverts whilst they are browsing other sites on the web. For example, a key buyer from one of your target industries might be reading an article on an industry related news site. They are scrolling through and, hey presto, see your advert.

Increased familiarisation helps to foster brand affinity. Greater brand affinity decreases buying friction.

When people are already familiar with your brand, they are much more likely to become customers or to complete other valuable actions on your website.

The ads act as a reminder in the same way regular offline ads would. By keeping your brand top-of-mind they entice visitors to come back for more.

The Benefits of Remarketing

How does dramatically increasing your conversion rate and ROI sound?

The increased brand exposure from remarketing adverts makes you more recognisible to your target market, subsequently raising people’s trust in you and making a conversion more likely.

Because of this, remarketing ads have much higher click-through & conversion rates than other forms of online advertising. They can drive ROI for all types of businesses.

Higher click-through-rates (CTR) & conversions:
  • Because of the increased brand affinity, remarketing adverts can have a much higher CTR – some research suggests as much as 10 x increase!
  • Delivering repeat traffic to your site also increases conversions
  • Improves ROI because of increased user touchpoints
Super targeted – we can set almost any targeting criteria for you:
  • We work with you to understand your market, your business goals and use our knowledge to create incredibly targeted remarketing campaigns to help you achieve them.
  • Want to target visitors who went to a competitors website? Done. Want to target visitors who went to to a specific product page? Done. Want to target visitors who went so far as your enquiry page but didn’t submit anything? Done.
  • Remarketing allows for incredibly specific campaigns and can give you access to your prospects at exactly the right stage in the buying cycle.
Cost effective:
  • Narrower targeting means we can make your ad more relevant and in turn lower your cost per click
  • Costs will vary depending on how your campaigns fit into your whole online marketing strategy. But as a rule, remarketing ads are some of the most cost-effective ways to advertise online.
  • Large-scale reach & did we mention brand awareness?

Remarketing + AIM Internet = Profitable Business Growth

We cover all the bases you want us to when it comes to who to target.

At AIM Internet, we’ll create highly targeted campaigns that increase the relevancy of your ad. As a result, your ads get seen by the people who are most likely to click on them and convert.

We use our extensive marketing expertise to advise you and develop your campaigns.

AIM provide regular reviews and insights into your remarketing campaigns.

We manage costs so that we maximise your ROI

For years, our knowledge of remarketing is why companies in Birmingham, the West Midlands, Worcestershire, Shropshire, Herefordshire & the Wyre Forest have used us to grow their businesses.

Working with an agency that understands how remarketing fits into making your overall digital marketing strategy a success is essential to you achieving your business goals.

The best part? You just found that agency.

With 21 years as digital marketing experts, AIM Internet are a step ahead. We understand online marketing can seem scary. Intangible even. Which is why we use a straightforward proven test-and-measure approach.

If you’d like to ask our clients why they use us, and in some cases have done so for the last 21 years, we’d be happy to put you in touch.

We guarantee that if you speak to us your business will benefit, one way or another – so what have you got to lose?

Find out how our expertise as a leading remarketing agency in the UK, could help your business grow, today.

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